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05 April 2013 @ 12:51 am
Monthly Mixtape ::Marzo '13  
Super tarde pero seguro :D, dejo el mixtape de marzo, me fui un poco a lo básico y las canciones elegidas han sido las que me han acompañado con los traumas estas ultimas semanas, espero les guste ya que lo he hecho con cariño como siempre ^^...

it's been a lonely winter hibernating away,
you need a little sunlight on that face... how long can you stay in the darkness?

001. Angus & Julia Stone - Bella |
I built us a flying machine
And well go where you want well sail the seven seas
I hope all is well in daisys dreams
in daisys dreams.

002. Dan Mangan – The Indie Queens Are Waiting |
Bus down to the local record store
Buy something to make you like me more
Indie queens and tatty east-side punks.

003. Hudson Taylor – Chasing Rubies |
This is not déjà vu
I've never met somebody like you
I'd like to tell you the truth
And I hardly know you and I don't wanna let you go.

004. James Blake & Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir |
All went in the fire, drowning in the sea.
A red dawn, oh red font.

005. José González – Down The Line |
I see problems down the line
I know that I'm right
I see darkness down the line
I know its hard to fight.

006. Lady Danville – Love to Love |
I thought I knew what I wanted to say:
Just a simple song about the perfect day.
Well you came up and down across my mind.
I know I said no more love songs, I'm sorry I lied.

007. Laura Marling – Where Can I Go? |
All I hear are words
There’s something I don’t know
Where, where can I go?

008. Of Monsters And Men - Dirty Paws |
And for a while things were cold,
they were scared down in their holes.
The forest that once was green
was colored black by those killing machines.

009. Rocky Votolato- White Daisy Passing |
Please slow it down
There's a secret magic past world
That you only notice when you're looking back at it
And all I wanna do is turn around.

010. Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk |

011. Kings of Convenience ft Feist – Know-How |
Oh oh oh, what is there to know?
oh, this is what it is
oh oh oh, you and me alone
sheer simplicity.

012. The Milk Carton Kids - Michigan |
Michigan's in the rearview now
Keep your hands where I can see them
You took the words right out of my mouth
When you knew that I would need them
What am I supposed to do now
Without you.

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Rosemaryrosewg on April 7th, 2013 06:55 pm (UTC)
No he escuchado la mayoria así que me educaré ahora mismo. Nos vemos en facebook cuando nos crucemos, besos nena :D
paranohablar on April 9th, 2013 04:36 am (UTC)
¡Veamos que tal! (: